Top Best Finis Goggles For Men Reviews With Scores

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To help you find the best Finis Goggles For Men, we have researched various products on the market and picked out 10 of the best ones. We looked at all sorts of features, including price, customer reviews, and specifications. Then we ranked them to help you find the top Finis Goggles For Men. Read on to learn more about our findings and choose your favorite one!

Finis Goggles For Men
1Bolt Multi-Mirror9.8Shop On Amazon
2FINIS Dart Goggles (Gold Mirror)9.8Shop On Amazon
3FINIS Mermaid™ Goggles (Sunset)9.6Shop On Amazon
4FINIS Energy (Blue/Clear)9.6Shop On Amazon
5FINIS Circuit Goggles (Clear Mirror)9.4Shop On Amazon
6FINIS DragonFlys Goggles Crab Tint9.4Shop On Amazon
7FINIS Original Center-Mount Swimmer's Snorkel for Lap Swimming and Swim Training9.2Shop On Amazon
8FINIS Glide Center Mount Snorkel for Lap Swimming9.2Shop On Amazon
9FINIS Lightning Goggles (Black/Smoke)9Shop On Amazon
10FINIS Tide Swimming Goggle Blue/Yellow8.4Shop On Amazon

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Table Of Content:

1. Bolt Multi-Mirror

  • LOW PROFILE LENSES: Designed for competition and fused with the frame to reduce drag and increase speed in every swim.
  • SILICONE EYE GASKET: Provides added comfort and a watertight seal to make every lap distraction free
  • DUAL SILICONE STRAP: Distribute pressure evenly around the head to increase comfort and decrease distractions during practice or competition.
  • THREE NOSE PIECES FOR CUSTOM FIT: Interchangeable nose pieces will allow any swimmer to get their preferred comfortable fit.
  • ANTI-FOG/UV PROTECTION POLYCARBONATE LENS: Ensure your eyes can see through the goggles at any time and protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

2. FINIS Dart Goggles (Gold Mirror)

  • KEEPS OUT WATER: Goggle lenses fit around eye sockets for a watertight seal
  • LOW-PROFILE LENSES: Swim eyewear designed for competition to reduce drag and increase speed
  • GASKETLESS FRAME: With clear plastic all the way around, these competition goggles provide greater peripheral vision.
  • ADJUSTABLE NOSE PIECE: Accommodates a variety of swimmer’s face shapes to hold the goggles in place.
  • DUAL SILICONE STRAPS: Comfortable goggle straps distribute pressure evenly around head

3. FINIS Mermaid™ Goggles (Sunset)

  • MERMAID PRINTS: Bright colors let you show off your inner mermaid; Ideal for swimmers from 4-10 years.
  • TOUGH EYE PROTECTION: Durable polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant, offer UV protection, and are anti-fogging.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Odorless and hypoallergenic silicone eye gaskets provide a soft, watertight fit for sensitive skin; Meets CPSC Safety Requirements.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENTS: Adjustable side clips to quickly tighten or loosen the straps
  • SPLIT STRAP: Wider coverage of silicone split strap provides security and comfort around the head

4. FINIS Energy (Blue/Clear)

  • ONE-PIECE FRAME: Provides added durability and comfort
  • CURVED LENSES: Reduce distortion for optimal peripheral vision; Provides anti-fogging and UV protection; Latex-free.
  • DUAL SILICONE STRAP: Distributes pressure evenly around head
  • ADJUSTABLE BACK CLIP: Designed for easy strap adjustment
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Designed to accommodate most face shapes (ages 14 and up)

5. FINIS Circuit Goggles (Clear Mirror)

  • Designed with a unique, arched nosepiece that swivels, providing a snug, watertight fit.
  • Low-profile design with soft silicone eye gaskets make these goggles great for practice and competition.
  • Mirrored, curved design offers enhanced peripheral vision and reduces distortion.
  • Dual silicone strap distributes pressure evenly around the head.
  • Three interchangeable nosepieces accommodate all face shapes.

6. FINIS DragonFlys Goggles Crab Tint

  • PERFECT GOGGLES FOR KIDS – Comfortable, easy-to-put-on goggles that wont get caught in hair; Ideal for ages 4-12.
  • CLEAR VISION – Provides cushion and comfort while creating a watertight fit for hours of splashing fun.
  • FLOATING MATERIAL – Don’t panic if you drop them because the buoyancy prevents goggles from getting lost on the bottom of the pool.
  • DURABLE, POLYCARBONATE LENSES – Impact-resistant while offering UV protection and anti-fogging
  • WON’T PULL HAIR – Soft, split neoprene strap prevents hair from snagging

7. FINIS Original Center-Mount Swimmer’s Snorkel for Lap Swimming and Swim Training

  • FIRST CENTER-MOUNT SNORKEL: Created and patented by FINIS; designed specifically for training swimmers.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MANY STROKES: Stays in place for freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke (including flipturns).
  • COMFORTABLE MOUTHPIECE: Made with a soft and flexible medical-grade silicone
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD BRACKET: Makes for quick strap adjustments and universal fit, even with swim cap and goggles.
  • ONE-WAY PURGE VALVE: Allows water to flow out of the tube without entering the mouthpiece

8. FINIS Glide Center Mount Snorkel for Lap Swimming

  • DISTRACTION-FREE TECHNIQUE TRAINING: Allows swimmers the ability to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning the head to breathe.
  • HYDRODYNAMIC TUBE: Curves around the head to reduce drag and promote proper body position
  • CENTER-MOUNT DESIGN FOR MANY STROKES: Accommodates a full range of motion for butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle.
  • V02 MAX DESIGN: Increases aerobic capacity and builds lung endurance
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD BRACKET: Makes for quick strap adjustments and a universal fit on this swimming accessory that fits most.

9. FINIS Lightning Goggles (Black/Smoke)

  • FUSED FRAME AND LENS: Swimming goggle pieces are fused together to reduce drag
  • LOW-PROFILE: Lenses designed for competition to reduce drag and increase speed
  • SILICONE EYE GASKET: Provides added comfort and a watertight seal
  • INTERCHANGEABLE NOSE PIECES: Raging goggles designed to accommodate all face shapes with four different nose pieces.
  • DUAL SILICONE STRAPS: Distribute pressure evenly around head for extra comfort; Quick clip on back offers easy adjustments.

10. FINIS Tide Swimming Goggle Blue/Yellow

  • ZERO-DRAG DESIGN – Making it the perfect competition goggle (ages 13 and up)
  • SILICONE EYE GASKET – Provides added comfort and a watertight seal
  • FIND YOUR BEST FIT – Find the best fit with nosepieces in multiple sizes
  • ANTI-FOG – Anti-fog treated so you can see clearly no matter how hard you work
  • DUAL SILICONE STRAP – Create a perfect fit and distribute pressure evenly with the dual silicone strap.

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